Fashion Night Out


So as many folks know, this past week as been New York’s fashion week, and yesterday was Fashion Night Out. The Soho section of the city was full of fashion forward folks, both young and old alike, dropping into designer stores all over and mingling while getting drinks, taking pictures, getting their makeup done and receiving free goodies. It was one big party in the streets. The celebrity talk had folks in a frenzy as stars such as Pharell, Gwen Stefani, Janelle Monae, the Olsen Twins, and Solange were said to be spread out all over SoHo. The biggest frenzy came from talk that Kanye West was around, having everybody check his twitter to help the search.

I had a great time out there, though I didn’t catch any of those celebs. I got a glimpse of Ryan Leslie (unfortunately no photo), and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes (got a quick snapshot of him) in front of the BBC store. My friends and I walked all over, checking out everything that was going on. We ended our time in Soho @ Patricia Fields, which was a new store to me but apparently very popular. I took some great photos of all I saw out there.


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