Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Birthday Celebration


So for Michael Jackson’s birthday (Aug. 29th), Spike Lee had his 2nd Annual MJ celebration in Prospect Park. Huge crowds of folks come to the park to listen to DJ Spinna play classic Michael Jackson hits as well as some not heard by many tracks from the late great King of Pop. Besides Spike Lee himself being there of course, Al Sharpton, Snoop Dogg and Warren G made appearances. Snoop and Warren G performed their hits, Snoop even doing some of his verses over MJ instrumentals. The crowd definitely made the event though, between the crowd singing songs in unison to the detailed MJ impersonators to the children decked out in full silver glove, jacket and hat ensembles, they were a sight to behold. To check out photos from the event, check out Spike Lee’s Film production website, 40acres.com

I wish I could say I took great photos, but I was actually out there on video duty for Spike. Last year was my first time working with him, and my duties werent so serious, but this year was a definite step up. I was point blank in front of the stage, capturing whatever went on. and having my video shown on the jumbotron.  I did get some shots of me at work though, thanks to 40 acre (Catch me with the blue arrow) and Torrance on hand with the point and shoot. Check me in action.


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