The Jemina Heart Fashion Show


Last Thursday I headed over to Brooklyn College to look at the cool fashion line of Krystal Cox, presented by WBCR Radio and Universal Music Group. Felt kinda weird just being in attendance and not the hired hand but it was great to just sit there and just enjoy the sights. And oh, there were sights to behold! The models looked great, strutting it down the runway in great high fashion pieces. Between each line presented were performances from Yung Has, Red Remedy, and Justt, all of which kept the crowd riled up and ready to see more. I had a great time taking photos. Seeing that I wasn’t on the job, I got to play around more with the camera, testing out some cool blur effects here and there.  Some of these are definitely going in the Event and Personal sections of Check out what I ended up with and if you’re interested in the designer and her pieces, you can check her out on facebook.


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