Joy Couture NYC @ Sky Room


Pardon the delay…had quite a couple of things to handle, new business and such you’ll be sure to find out about when ready…But onto Joy Couture.

So I heard about a fashion show @ Sky Room, Times Square and felt like it was something worth checking out. Ended up being absolutely right. Before the show even got underway, the location blew me away. Check your coat in the lobby and then take the elevator straight to the top, where the floor before the roof is the restaurant setting and then you take the stairs up to the lounge area…to the right is the seating and to the left is the bar and doorways to the outside area with the beautiful view…it’s a great way to see Manhattan.

This matched the fashions of Joy Couture wonderfully. Her pieces were great evening wear. The models looked great as they strutted through the lounge in their outfits. It was a good audience as well, with good conversations all around.

Check out the photos below and if you want to see more of Joy Couture’s work, her site is



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