Polaroid Sunday


I recently got Polaroid’s return to the world of instant photography, the Polaroid 300, and I must say I became addictive extremely quick. My prior run-ins with instant photography were with my sister’s camera when I was really young, which I broke during church (I REALLY wish I hadn’t now), and using the polaroid back on my Mamiya RZ67. I use Fuji’s instant film on that, which doesn’t exactly have the same look but it’s col nonetheless. My only prob with that camera is that because it’s medium format, and not small at all, it’s not as portable or “on the fly” as I would like all the time…but the polaroid 300 is damn near perfect for me.

The great thing about the 300 is the ease of it. You pull the lens out to turn it out, choose from one of 4 settings depending on your environment, point and shoot. The picture slides out the top of the camera and after about a little over a min, you have your shot. The photos are smaller than the original polaroids, coming out to be about the size of business cards, but they are definitely polaroid quality photos. To me the camera doesn’t look as cool as the traditional ones, but it can fit in my jacket pocket so I have no real problems. The film cost 10 bucks for 10 shots at Target, making it cost about a $1 a shot. I don’t mind this because I’m used to the days of film where you had to make every shot count cause mistakes could bleed you dry. I’m still getting a feel for the camera, trying to see whats my range for good lighting, but what I love most is that it’s great for shooting people, which was my passion anyway. I can shoot candids or street or models, and it’s just so simple that I just want to do more. Camera itself cost about 90 bucks at Target. I really recommend it to any and everyone. Hopefully they make another with more traditional sized photos at some point.

But today I begin Polaroid Sundays. Every Sunday I’ll show the new polaroids for the week. I have no doubt that I’ll be carrying it around everywhere I go, so I’m going to have a bunch of photos to showcase. I’ll also be adding a polaroid section to Evangelphoto.com pretty soon, so you’ll be able to see a lot there. For now let’s kick this off.



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