Pillow Fight NYC 2011


So this Saturday was Newmindspace’s annual Pillow Fight at Union Square. This is the 3rd out of the 6 I’ve been to and as always, it was crazy out there. Pure feathered mayhem by folks of all kinds in plain clothes or some crazy get ups. You can tell some people prepare for this day well in advance. My personal fav this year was the pajama ninja looking guy with the goggles. The war cries were fierce as the combatants wielded their unsheathed pillows and let each other have it. Even at it’s worst everyone treats each other with respect and it always stays fun however. This year the feathers spilled across the urban battlefield will be donated to Pillows for Puppies, giving them nice, soft lining for their cages. I stay behind the camera as always (though that really doesn’t help me from taking a hit here and there) but this time I even got some video footage to add, so check it out.

For more about Newmindspace and their future events, check out www.newmindspace.com


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