Video: Bretony Rooftop Photoshoot Sneak Peek


So I finally got a video out…took me long enough, I know…The difficulty was never in shooting the video, just the editing I wanted to do. For this video I just used the software on my computer since it was a short video and I didn’t need to do much with it. It would’ve been longer but my video camera wasn’t charged so it pretty much died moments after I pressed record.

The shoot itself is an impromptu shoot I had with Bretony, now an agency represented model. We had planned a different shoot this day but time restrictions had us change plans. We ended up walking around until we found a place we liked, walked in and ended upon the roof of the place (shhhhhhh don’t tell anybody!) We got through a number of looks and actually went completely undisturbed the entire shoot…I wish we could access that rooftop again but the likelihood of that is extremely slim. Anyway, it was a great shoot and of course, you can check out the results when I finish and throw the shots up on



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