Small Boutique Fashion Week


Last night was quite a night. Small Boutique Fashion Week was in full effect as Zanger Hall was lit up! Sponsored by Page 21 Magazine, G-Industries, and FEM, 24 designers showcased their latest and best to a packed space of spectators. Host RnB April presented each designer as model after model strutted down the runway, showcasing everything from high fashion to swimwear. After the show the festivities continued as vendors were setup to meet and greet everyone they came across and provide you more about the brand. Listed below are the designers and vendors and of course, the pictures! Shooting collection after collection was a test of endurance for us photographers but the end result was more than worth it. Check it out.


Allison Scheffler Collection by Allison Scheffler

Cut & Sew by Ashley Davis

Brazen Wear by Benita Jones

Blanchee by Bianca Williams

Design de Bo by Bo Kim

Virtuous Vessels by Brigitte Cedeno

AlenA Designs by Elena Gorczyca

Paris Lapin Couture by Jillian Waynes

Lois Eastlund by Lois Eastlund

Nolan Kouri by Michael Kouri

Michi Knitwear by Michele Walden McPhee

Dirt Po by Paul Young

Courtney Samone Collection by Samone

Painted Clothes by Lina Narovlansky

The Shanice Jones Collection by Shanice Jones

Dirty Monroe by Shavona & Imani

Anzahl Ein Couture by Spencer Dargan

Victoria Swimwear by Victoria Spector

Citrolina Designs by Suchi Gala

Exclusively Vendors

Anya Collections by Rajni Menon

FoxCrow Philosophy by Josue Charles

O’s Clothes by Olga Cave

Purple Pill Babies Tasiya Sealey

Street Baptist Clothing by Cherylyn Williams


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