RAW: NYC Presents: Menagerie


Last night I showed up at M1-5 with little clue of what to be in store for. All I know is AJ of Midnight Mosaic told me that his band was performing and it involved art and fashion and I said “Sold!” What I got was way better than I expected. M1-5 was filled with artist of all kinds. The walls showcased all kinds of art, from photography to paintings. Models covered in body paint walked among the crowd, while everyone enjoyed drinks, food, and the sounds of DJ NSEW. Host Emma Riley presented the wide range of performances, which went from musical performances by Rubber Skunk, Midnight Mosaic, and Devin White, film presentations by KLJ, dance performance by Ms. Red, and the fashion collections of Scarfia Designs, Luxe, Dana L. P. Meyer, and Daniela Rodriguez. It was hard to stay in one place with so much going on, but luckily I didn’t have to. Everywhere you turned there was something that demanded your attention. RAW really did a great job of showcasing fresh new talent and folks to be on the look out for. To get more on the artist featured check out their RAW profiles here. Check out the photos below and for more on what RAW: NYC does, check out their site here.


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