Fashion’s Night Out 2012


So after my Mercedes-Benz adventure, I took to the streets of Soho to check out Fashion’s Night Out I love the freedom of it all…Well, kind of freedom cause the streets were sure packed!

Folks decked out in their own personal style adorned the streets, going into store after store to see what was inside for them. Stores had special sale’s for shoppers, Most folks just wanted to drink and take the sights in. I came for photos of people, special things going on, and celebs. And I did catch one! Walking towards one store, I passed a crowd of people who seemed to be chasing something, or someone in particular. Getting to the bottom of it I found out it was the Knicks Center, Tyson Chandler. I have no clue what he was doing as he stopped inside of a woman’s store with a friend of his and then posed for pics, but it was cool seeing him. My highlight is the same as it was last time though, Patricia Field’s. I love that store and every person that hangs around it. I unfortunately missed the Dai Burger performance but I did catch Neon Hitch, who I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing. Check out the photos below of all the fashion greatness.


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