Ninh Collection Spring ’13 Fashion Week Presentation


It’s Fashion Week people, and its definitely going down in New York City! We at Evangelphoto had the privilege to attend Designer Ninh Nguyen’s -the NIHN Collection, Fashion Showroom.

The event took place in Manhattan at the M-Studio. This collection is one of the freshest brands of American Contemporary Menswear! The show display was well put together and different from your average runway fashion show. How so, you ask? Well, Mr. Nguyen decided to set up different platforms for his all male models to pose on like real mannequins,and boy did the play the part! I mean every model was focused, still, engaged,and in character, never taking the shine away from the detailed outfits that they were wearing all at the the same time. It was an event you didn’t want to miss. Even the guests were dressed to impress, with out of the box outfits and styles. The atmosphere was pumping with a live DJ, PH view of the city, red carpets, great people, and an open bar that served beer, wine and energy drinks. While mingling and bumping elbows with crowd, Fashion and Fun was definitely the motto!

If you don’t know about the NINH Collection at all let me give you a quick description on the brand in full. The NINH Collection is for the modest and confident, the intellectual and cultured, the passionate and open-minded- a modern day renaissance man. Well-groomed and respects others- the quintessential gentleman. For more info visit:

We have the inside scoop on the Fall designs, just take a look below and enjoy.

“Dress without taste and they will remember the clothes, Dress with taste and they will remember the man.” -NINH Collection


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