Couture Fashion Week 2017: Olga Alicea & Hector Musse


Hosted at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, Couture Fashion Week was a beautiful sight to behold as designers from all over the world presented model after model in wonderful designs. Produced by Andres Aquino and partnered with Zee TV, the runway was setup perfectly so models got to be on display for everyone, as the audience stared in amazement and glee. Impressive hair styling for CFW lead by Elie Esper Salon & Bridal and spectacular makeup lead by Voodoo Makeup Olga Alicea and Hector Musse brought out fresh designs on fresh faces as young models of various ages streaked down the runway. It started with a bang as special guess model Dalila Zapata was first to come down the runway. A well known TV personality and makeup artist, Dalila showed off her award winning modeling skills and paved the way for the other young models to show us what they got. So many models with so much promise and bright futures ahead showed the audience they have what it takes to keep up with the big leagues of fashion. Alicea and Musse’s wonderful collection was put to great use adorning these models. Check out the photos below to get a good look at the show.


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