Latinista Fashion Week 2017


So earlier this week I hopped over to Punto Space to check out Latinista Fashion Week’s 2017 show. Produced by Dee & Co, Latinista F/W did not the conventional runway, but models standing on full display so the audience can get a really good look at the designer’s great collections. I only got to stay for the first 2 designers but they were great to see. First up was the latest collection from Milagros Batista. Her line of knitwear was a beautiful array of red which was very fitting for Valentine’s Day also being this week. You can tell Milagros Batista is very skilled at what she does and being able to get up close and personal to the designs makes it very easy to see that.

After that was Sandra Baquero. Her collection had a level of sophistication and class you noticed the moment the models went up on the platform. The wonderful models adorned in the designs were stunning to look at and you could hear the crowd’s praise of the collection the whole time the models were displayed.

It was a great presentation and wonderful gathering of the fashion-minded with the amazing creative abilities of the designers. Check out the photos below for a look at the two designers.



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