PLITZS NYFW 2017: Rebekah Silver Designs


So I decided to end NYFW with a bang and went to Hotel Pennsylvania for PLITZS Fashion Week. The all day affair featured roughly 19 designers so it was a great way to get in all the fashion you can handle out of New York! The media was given plenty to do as there was a lot to take in, even before the designers started presenting their collections. Once the models started coming out though, all eyes were glued to the runway as fashion designers from around the world put their best foot forward.

Rebekah Silver of Rebekah Silver Designs studied fashion from the Middle East, and later India and Pakistan. Rebekah became intrigued by the unique use of flowing textiles, embroidery, beading, and sophisticated, yet simple, style lines found in her research. These are the elements incorporated into her designs. Check out the photos below to see the fabulous runway show


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