NY Cosplay Art and Fashion Show: Artist


So I’m used to going to art shows and I’m used to going to fashion shows (obviously), but this one in particular was unlike any other. This particular art and fashion show featured a very cool spin on things in the form of cosplay! The art was displayed around Holy Apostles Gallery and cosplay was all in between so there were sights to behold anywhere you looked. The good people at The Set NYC set this up for a great cause on top of that, working with Freedom Ladder to help raise money to continue educating kids on important issues like human trafficking. They even have a comic on it to raise awareness in an interesting way!

The featured artist were a collection of sketch artists, painters, and some accessory designers. There were also some comic book artists in the mix showing panels of their work. Check out the photos below and also the list of who was featured!

Exhibiting  Artists/ Illustrators



2 thoughts on “NY Cosplay Art and Fashion Show: Artist

  1. Scarlett Stegman

    What a sweet little post this is. I hope more prone try to help out The Set NYC and The Freedom Ladder and other causes across the city. In this time where we are saturated by different fine and visual art, it’s great to see these kinds of artists bringing other people to see these kinds of events and getting them to help meaningful causes.

    I love going to small meaningful shows, and it was great to be a part of one this time. Thank you for showing others about the other evening, as well as for including me in your blog post!

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