Side by Side: Painted Words x In Her Own Words


One of the great things about art to me is seeing artists give their own spin on similar concepts and themes. Checking out the images from a recent Sports Illustrated shoot, I was reminded of a shoot I did some years ago. The above images are my own shoot I did in 2011 with Erii Deon and SI’s shoot featuring Ebonee Davis and many other models.

The shoot I saw from Sports Illustrated, In Her Own Words, shot by Taylor Ballantyne, featured models with different words on them, from strong characteristics to things that defined them and titles that they carry. The campaign, produced by an all woman team, was meant to show the “voice, strength, and passion” of these women.

This was similar to a shoot I did in 2011 for my good friend Bretony’s web series “Gettin’ By”. In it I did a live photoshoot with Erii Deon and we talked about the meaning of why we wanted to do the project. In our shoot we wanted to showcase things that people usually hide within them and keep bottled up. It was a fantastic shoot and I’m so glad Bretony featured it so I can view it over and over. Check out the images from the shoot below and the video of the shoot featuring Erii Deon, Bretony, and myself (looking so young!)

Painted Words Video



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