Side by Side: Painted Words x In Her Own Words


One of the great things about art to me is seeing artists give their own spin on similar concepts and themes. Checking out the images from a recent Sports Illustrated shoot, I was reminded of a shoot I did some years ago. The above images are my own shoot I did in 2011 with Erii Deon and SI’s shoot featuring Ebonee Davis and many other models.

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Brooklyn Fashion Weekend (Day 1)


Industry City was beaming with energy as Brooklyn Fashion Weekend kicked off. With host Deshun Wesley and Alecia Reid, designer after designer showcased their beautiful collections down the wonderful runway. Seeing the various styles of each designer was a real treat. Each designer brought their own unique touch to the event. Check the photos below, and also check out each designers site for more on their collections. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store!


Smarter Clothing

Maxwell William HS

Laura Daza

Mccoll & Clan

Studio Time: Bretony


New photoshoot featuring Bretony. You can see more at of course but also, you can check out Bretony on youtube with her web show, “Gettin’ By”. Check her latest episode below.

Talent Xchange Presents: Fashions by the Pool


So Thursday, The Evangel Group was put to work at The Talent Xchange‘s Fashions by the Pool event, and what an event it was! A charity event for The American Institute for Cancer Research, the Grace Hotel in Times Square was busy as ever while the latest swimwear fashions of Joy Couture, Johanna Sarria, and KM Swimwear were walked along the poolside runway. All the work we put in providing models for the event, including someone this blog may be familiar with (Bretony!),¬† paid off wonderfully as all the beautiful models showed their stuff! After the show folks started getting into the pool as we went right into the after party! Check out the photos below and see what you were hopefully in attendance for or sadly missed out on! Red carpet photos shot by Paul Zimmerman, courtesy of Wire Image. All others by yours truly of course.

Video: Bretony Rooftop Photoshoot Sneak Peek


So I finally got a video out…took me long enough, I know…The difficulty was never in shooting the video, just the editing I wanted to do. For this video I just used the software on my computer since it was a short video and I didn’t need to do much with it. It would’ve been longer but my video camera wasn’t charged so it pretty much died moments after I pressed record.

The shoot itself is an impromptu shoot I had with Bretony, now an agency represented model. We had planned a different shoot this day but time restrictions had us change plans. We ended up walking around until we found a place we liked, walked in and ended upon the roof of the place (shhhhhhh don’t tell anybody!) We got through a number of looks and actually went completely undisturbed the entire shoot…I wish we could access that rooftop again but the likelihood of that is extremely slim. Anyway, it was a great shoot and of course, you can check out the results when I finish and throw the shots up on


A swing through Central Park


So last thursday my plan was to sleep, wake up, eat, then take pictures of myself, all in the laziest fashion ever. In the middle of turning over, I got a text from Bretony, one of my personal¬† favorite models, to come shoot her and another model I’ve been wanting to shoot, Mickey, out in Central Park. It hurt to break from my extensive, all important plans but it was a great day out and my camera looked at me like a dog wanting to be walked and really, it’s hard to say no to two models. Let alone find out I’ll be introduced to Shatara, making it 3 models. Definitely better than my original plan.

Made my way to Central Park and met all 3 girls by the swings. We decided to shoot right there and it was on. Great shoot, and as an added bonus,¬† no one fell off the swings…definite plus. After we got our full of that area we moved and ended up under one of the tunnels, where Shatara had to leave but Bretony and Mickey stayed and we went to work. It was the 2nd time I shot 2 girls together and just like the last time, (which you could see on the site) it turned out great.

The day was far from over for us though. Bretony and Mickey had another shoot to go to with a photographer by the name of Joni, this one in Times Square. I decided to tagged along, Right under shooting my own work, I love looking at photoshoots in the making. This one in particular though, was an eye pleaser for alot more people than me. The shoot was smack in the middle of busy Broadway, about a block or two from the Times Square Toys R’ Us. Joni wanted the girls posing in the middle of the crowd. This brought all attention to us, having the camera ready tourist snapping away, maybe even more than the photographer herself. To cause such a spectacle was great, I felt like I was managing super models or something. One of the highlights was when a guy passing out flyers for some show joined in taking photos with the girls…and for those couple of moments he was there he stole the show! Stepping out in front of the girls he did more than pose….he damn near vogued. It was definitely entertaining. From there the girls and Joni shot through the streets, leading to the 42nd train station, causing a scene as we made our way.

It was a great day but we were all definitely tired, and as a reward we got ourselves some Red Lobster, which was my introduction to the glory that is known as….cheddar biscuits. Good lawl!

Below are some shots throughout the day…a mixture of sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and bloopers. As you should know by now, my actual shoot once completed can be seen at, while you could see more of Bretony on her youtube page, Mickey on her twitter, and Shatara on her twitter. For Joni’s work, check her out on her site here