Side by Side: Painted Words x In Her Own Words


One of the great things about art to me is seeing artists give their own spin on similar concepts and themes. Checking out the images from a recent Sports Illustrated shoot, I was reminded of a shoot I did some years ago. The above images are my own shoot I did in 2011 with Erii Deon and SI’s shoot featuring Ebonee Davis and many other models.

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Muehleder 2012 Collection Bonus: Polaroids!


While I was at Muehleder’s show on Saturday, I decided to shoot off some polaroids, which has quickly become my new favorite thing to shoot. As a bonus “today’s not sunday but let’s do it anyway” post, polaroids!

Muehleder Swim and Holiday 2012 Fashion Show


The models of Sharlet Grier had all eyes on them as they made it down the runway of Kai Studios in the beautiful collection done by Muehleder.

Talent Xchange Presents: Fashions by the Pool


So Thursday, The Evangel Group was put to work at The Talent Xchange‘s Fashions by the Pool event, and what an event it was! A charity event for The American Institute for Cancer Research, the Grace Hotel in Times Square was busy as ever while the latest swimwear fashions of Joy Couture, Johanna Sarria, and KM Swimwear were walked along the poolside runway. All the work we put in providing models for the event, including someone this blog may be familiar with (Bretony!),¬† paid off wonderfully as all the beautiful models showed their stuff! After the show folks started getting into the pool as we went right into the after party! Check out the photos below and see what you were hopefully in attendance for or sadly missed out on! Red carpet photos shot by Paul Zimmerman, courtesy of Wire Image. All others by yours truly of course.